How to stay organised

5 Habits of highly organized individuals

  • When they start a task they like to finish it right away : Procrastination is their enemy and they like to save time and effort as much as possible.
  • They keep a daily tracker (to-do-list) : You will agree with me on this that not everyone can do it . It’s a little too much for some people but some actually find themselves more productive and organized when they do so.
  • They love routines : This makes them feel more in control of themselves and of course better time management .
  • They prioritize : Prioritizing is their best habit, it helps them focus better and keep the trash away.
  • They declutter regularly : This helps them to keep their thoughts crystal clear and minimalizing helps them to take better decisions.

Steps that will help you as a student

  • Collect all your study material – Keep your sources limited yet strong , in this way you will be more confident and less confused about what you have to study. For example a single textbook and your notes or any pdf material should be enough to get started.
  • Your syllabus– Before you dive in make sure to mark your syllabus and mark the chapters/topics to be covered.
  • Prioritize– To be efficient it’s very important to prioritize your topics ranging from the most important to the least( can be on the basis of weightage they carry in exam ).
  • Overview – This is a practice i personally follow as it works well for me. Whenever you pick up a topic ensure that you take a brief overview of all the subtopics and concepts it’s trying to cover before you go deeper into it . This creates a blueprint in your head about what all you need to learn and cover in this particular topic.
  • Make practice notes if needed- It will help you to go through the concepts you learnt just if you need to before you give your exam.

What helps me

  • Waking up early : I was a night person but in this lockdown i started waking up early morning and what i observed was that i had way much more time to organize and plan my day before my actual day started. It’s all about at what time you feel the most productive and that is mostly when you have a clear and fresh mind to work with.
  • Plan in my head : One of the best ways is to write down the things you plan to do throughout your day , but it didn’t work for me every time and i realized that i function better when i plan things in my head and keep revisiting them rather than jotting them down on a paper. Try this if writing points in a to-do-list doesn’t work for you.
  • Simplify : Try to simplify the most complex situations or things. It will help you think clearly and take best decisions.
  • Getting sufficient sleep : People often ignore this by thinking that sleep is not a productive thing that you do . But ironically it is one of the most productive things you do in a day . As sleep enhances your power of understanding , memorizing and storing whatever you learnt throughout the day.
  • Prioritizing : Do what you feel is worth your energy first.

How to actually stay organised?




Just a person who loves to indulge in writing.✍

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Supreet Kaur

Supreet Kaur

Just a person who loves to indulge in writing.✍

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